Talking Time Keeper Privacy Policy

Talking Time Keeper has your privacy in mind, so the app does not collect any personally identifiable information about you. In other words, no information is collected.

The app merely requests some permissions to make functions of the application work properly:



For building your own voice to tell you the time.



To vibrate the phone when an alarm is triggered.



To wake the phone up when an alarm is triggered.



To revive alarm settings when the phone is restarted.



To save settings such as alarms and world times, and to save your voice recordings when you create your own voice to tell you the time.



To allow you to, for example, access Google Play, if you want to review the app.



To establish your GPS location, in order to set the Day&Night display, and to alter the time of day represented in the background of Talking Time Keeper.



To determine if you are connected to the internet, so that Talking Time Keeper knows if it can, for example, take you to the Google Play website, to review the app.

To check the license after purchasing Talking Time Keeper.